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I believe that [CANDIDATE NAME] is the best choice for our community.

But it's not just [CANDIDATE NAME]'s EXPERIENCE that makes them the right candidate for the job. 
They truly cares about our community and is passionate about making positive changes that will benefit all of us. 

I have no doubt that [CANDIDATE NAME] will bring fresh ideas and a new perspective to the [POSITION],
and will work tirelessly to make our city a better place to live, work, and raise a family.

I urge you to join me in supporting [CANDIDATE NAME] in the upcoming election.




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Scott Brunkow,

Hes a great voice for West Central Minnesota. A true leader.


Debbie Gjervold,

I personally believe Boone Carlson has what it takes to represent district 9a. He knows how to listen to others, whether they agree with him or disagree. He knows how to ask questions and listen so he can get a well rounded understanding on a topic. He has an extremely positive attitude and will continue to work until there is a positive outcome.

David Ehlers,

Having worked with Boone in the Ag Industry I know that he is knowledgeable and professional. He has a strong voice for matters that affect my business and community. He continues to value the people of rural Minnesota and the values those people hold.



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