When it comes to different issues that face Minnesota today, Boone will employ his life and work experiences to help conclude the best decision for West Central Minnesota.  Boone will also utilize YOU, the voter for input and opinion on issues that are important to you.  

Voter ID

Boone believes that implementing voter identification measures enhances the integrity of our electoral process, ensuring fair and secure elections for all citizens. By requiring voters to present valid identification, we promote transparency and confidence in our democracy, safeguarding the fundamental right to vote while deterring fraudulent activities. Such measures contribute to upholding the principles of accountability and equal representation, ultimately strengthening our democratic institutions.

Election Day Holiday

Boone believes Election Day should be a Holiday in Minnesota to promote and facilitate widespread civic engagement and participation in the democratic process.  His hope is that it would eventually motivate the rest of the country to adapt to it as well.  By making Election Day a holiday, we prioritize the importance of voting and empower citizens to exercise their fundamental rights without constraints of work or other obligations.  This initiative fosters inclusivity by ensuring that ALL individuals, regardless of their socioeconomic status or work commitments, have ample opportunity to cast their ballots and have their voices heard. Moreover, a state holiday for Election Day encourages community involvement, fosters a sense of unity and strengthens the fabric of our State by encouraging robust voter turnout and civic engagement.  

Green New Deal Policies

Boone is against any Green New Deal policy mandates that affect personal choice and freedoms.  Government mandates that infringe upon personal freedoms set a dangerous precedent and undermine the principles of individual autonomy and liberty upon which democratic societies are built. While some regulations may be necessary for public safety and welfare, excessively restrictive mandates encroach upon the rights of citizens to make their own choices and live according to their own values. Such mandates erode trust in government institutions and diminish the accountability of elected officials to the people they serve. Moreover, when the government imposes its will on personal matters, it stifles creativity, innovation, and diversity of thought, hindering societal progress and impeding the pursuit of happiness for all individuals. Instead of resorting to coercive measures, governments should prioritize education, dialogue, and voluntary cooperation to address societal challenges while respecting the fundamental rights and freedoms of their citizens.  

Second Amendment

Boone believes the Second Amendment is essential for safeguarding individual liberties and preserving the foundation of a free society. By enshrining the right to bear arms, it empowers citizens to protect themselves, their families, and their communities from potential threats, whether they be criminal intrusions or tyrannical government overreach. Additionally, the Second Amendment serves as a crucial check on governmental power, ensuring that the people retain the means to resist oppression and uphold their rights and freedoms. History has shown that disarming populations can lead to vulnerability and abuses of power, making the Second Amendment a vital safeguard against tyranny and a cornerstone of a democratic society committed to the principles of self-determination and individual sovereignty.  Boone is a Lifetime NRA member. 

Boone hopes that his stance on the issues that have been listed helps you understand where he stands as person, Minnesota resident and a citizen of the United States of America.  

Boone Promotes and Supports

  • Personal Freedom 
  • Landowner Rights 
  • Freedom of Speech 
  • Second Amendment 
  • Law and Order 
  • Police, Firefighters and First Responders 
  • Policies that help and promote small business. 
  • Fiscal Responsibility 
  • Reducing Government waste 
  • Agricultural Businesses 
  • Farmers